General care

For general care, we recommend to take your leather goods to a trusted, leather care professional. Due to the fact that leather is a natural material, the color and texture will change over time. With proper care and maintenance, you should be able to enjoy your Toro leather piece for many years.

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Sun & Heat

Prolonged exposure to the sun will cause leather to lighten, dry out or crack. We recommend to not place your leather goods in direct sunlight or extreme temperatures for extended periods of time. If the leather becomes dry, we recommend to condition it with a quality, leather wax or balm every 6 months.

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Full grain leather is naturally porous and absorbs water. Although Toro leather goods have been pre-treated with a leather balm to help protect it from brief contact with water, our leather goods are not waterproof. We recommend to avoid direct contact with wet surfaces. If your leather does get wet, we recommend to gently dab it with a soft, clean cloth and let it air dry.

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Body Oil

Your body naturally produce oils that will impart an unique character on your leather piece when it comes into contact with your skin. This process, referred to as a patina, is a soft, rich beautiful sheen that develops over time and is an indicator of high quality leather.