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We select partners that share our values and standards to ensure that our products are made from the highest grade of full grain leather. Since leather is a natural product, each leather piece will be unique and vary slightly in hue and texture.

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Full Grain Leather

All Toro products are made from full grain leather. Full grain leather is the complete, unaltered, original grain of the hide, which causes it to be wear resistant and age beautifully with time. Since full grain leather is the highest quality and strongest grain, only 10% of leather hides qualify as full grain.

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Top Grain

Top grain leather is a tier below full grain. It is made by sanding down the top layer to remove blemishes. Since the process alters the original grain, the leather does not heal, nor patina.

Split Grain

Split grain or "genuine" leather is the lowest quality grain. It is made by splitting the top layer from the bottom layer, sanding down the bottom layer and embossing it to create a faux grain pattern.

Vegan Leather

The majority of vegan or "faux" leather is made from plastic, most commonly polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and polyurethane, which is toxic and not environmentally friendly.

Top Grade Leather

All Toro products are made from top grade leather. Top grade leather is the highest quality grade, and features little to no flaws. Due to the high standards, only the top 10% of all leather hides qualify as top grade.

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Mid Grade

Mid grade leather is not so perfect, and features light marks, blemishes and slight color variation.

Low Grade

Low grade leather is heavily marked and features major marks, blemishes and color variation.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable tanned leather is known for its beautiful, natural hues and ability to form a patina over time. The process originated thousands of years ago, and the leather is tanned by steeping the hide in a solution of tree barks and plant extracts. Due to its expensive, 6-12 month long tanning process, vegetable tanned leather accounts for only 10% of all global leather.

Chrome Tanned Leather

Chrome tanned leather is known for its wide variety of colors and ability to not age, nor patina. The process originated in 1858, and the leather is tanned by steeping the hide in a mixture of chemicals. Due to its inexpensive, 1 day tanning process, chrome tanned leather accounts for nearly 90% of all global leather.