Our Design


From conception to completion, Toro leather goods are made entirely by hand. Although the process is meticulous, the inception of all of our products begins with a simple idea: to design a functional work of art for people to enjoy daily. From our unique, clean patterns to a specific sewing thread brand, we purposefully create each leather piece using traditional methods with quality materials.

Discover Our Process
Leather Lined

Leather Lined

To provide reinforcement and strength, all Toro wallets are lined with leather. Unlined leather exposes the suede layer which is naturally porous and susceptible to scuffs and stains.

Learn about Our Stitching

The Saddle Stitch

Toro small leather goods are saddle stitched with Fil Au Chinois Lin Cable linen waxed thread. The saddle stitch is a traditional hand stitching method that offers the benefits of strength, durability and repairability. The saddle stitch is accomplished by hand sewing a single piece of thread with two needles attached to the ends. The single thread is woven on both sides of the leather. Although the saddle stitch is a time intensive process, the intricate stitching pattern prevents the entire line from unraveling if the thread is broken.

The Machine Stitch

The machine stitch is a sewing machine method that offers the benefits of convenience and speed. The machine stitch is referred to as a “locking stitch” because it is comprised of two threads in which one thread locks around the other thread. Although the machine stitch process is much faster than the saddle stitch, there is a potential of the entire stitch to unravel if the thread is broken.


Saddle Stitch Variations

The saddle stitch is known for its classic zig zag pattern, however, a modern version of the saddle stitch features a straight stitch woven across round holes. Although the visual differences are distinct, both variations are equally strong and durable.

Learn about Edge Painting
Edge Painted

Edge Paint

All Toro goods leather edges are finished with edge paint. Edge paint helps to prolong the longevity of the leather by sealing the pieces of leather together and preventing the edges from fraying. The process of edge painting involves leveling out the edges and applying multiple layers of paint by hand.